The following can be an professional sentiment by a Army Tanker: “Being a Marine Corps tanker is the approach to go. Can not go into a good deal of detail about how army tanks and Maritime Tanks are different, just the entire way of life from the army tanks is much various compared to Marines. Both way you may visit Ft. Knox, Kentucky. I observed it being a drab and miserable position. I give all due regard on the army tanks. Any individual who pitfalls their lives in the fight subject deserves respect. But, I could by no means have served in an army tanks unit. There just is not that identical Spirit.”

army tanks drop by boot camp at Knox. You check out how they practice and it had been laughable. They’d be sitting all-around drinking beer over a saturday night time referring to how difficult boot camp is and how the Drill Sgt. was necessarily mean simply because he produced them do 25 push ups. If I might have went to army tanks boot as a substitute of the Maritime I might have failed. Not for the reason that it truly is more challenging but mainly because there just failed to appear to be that motivating.”

“army tanks really are a good MOS. I cherished it. I look at it the absolute most effective occupation from the Corps. I signed up for 3 a long time 1984-1987. Up to I cherished it I didn’t would like to do it for 20 years. It seemed too difficult to hold at it for so extended. I’d my fill, I cherished it. Then it had been time to move on. If you would like an excellent journey, a way to be a piece of the front line combat power without the need of a lot of the far more severe hardships on the infantry, Tanks Cold War I definitely propose Maritime Corps army tanks. Only be a part of though when you can stand the extremely authentic chance of receiving sent into combat, killing and quite possibly dying.”

“The army tanks has some outstanding tankers. I might prefer to imagine our tanking skills are about equal, we are superior off the army tanks and even more disciplined being a hole just from what I noticed. Certainly, the army tanks has new stuff and they will allow you to indication up for tanks where by the Maritime Corps won’t. I like the armies’ new crap but I do not assume I could ever before be a part of the army tanks. Tanking’ is demanding but incredibly gratifying.”

“All with the fight MOS’s really need to offer while using similar stuff however. When it can be cold, you are cold. When it is rather cold you will be pretty cold. When it rains, you happen to be damp. Staying wet and cold can previous for days. Damp, cold and deprived of snooze. Exact same when it’s very hot or when it can be pretty hot. You can get dirtier out within the field than you’d think. All of this things is awesome, I just claimed alright this things is good, but 20 decades?”


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